Business coach & Mental trainer

      Jan has / is:

  • Designed and led the TeliaSoneras coaching program (approx 400 leaders took the program ‘ leader with a coaching appproach’)
  • Created and delivered a coach-developmentprogram for leaders. More than 600 leaders have currently been trained on this program
  • Developed and delivered a 10p coaching course at Örebrö university
  • Co-developed a unique coaching concept in Sweden together with Olle Anfelt SOK
  • Co-operate with Lars-Eric Uneståhl, at the Scandinavian leadership academy which has become the Nordic center with regards to Mental Training in the educational institutions
    ,industry/economy/business, health and sports
  • Highest certification as Mental Trainer, master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), as well as International Certified Coach (ICC)
  • Delivered a series of level 2 ICC Business Coach trainings together with Lars-Eric Uneståhl and Olle Anfelt
  • To the current day he has worked with ca 300 organizations as a speaker and lecturer
  • Mental Coach to a variety of professional athletes (specifically in motorsports)
  • Therapist with a focus on fobia

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Business coach/ Mental trainer

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