About Penica

Penica was founded in 1990 with the purpose to introduce tools to people in organizations and businesses that emphasize on personal communication and herewith increase effectiveness and stimulus.

Other services Penica provides for its clients are:

-To get employees to discover how they can motivate themselves and inspire others

-To see opportunity in change, and actively contribute to a positive working environment

-Initiate syngergies between both colleagues and clients

-Acknowledge each others differences with curiosity and build towards common strengths

-Use tools that contribute to awareness and harmony, well-being and learn us to do the right things at the right time

- To learn from each other and actively support each other to achieve growth of the organization or business

All messages and co-operations focus on real-life action to create and increase understanding and adding value.

Philosophy and approach

in order to discover and develop ability and strength within people we require a comprehensive understanding of people. Insights into how we receive and send messages in many different ways facilitate further development and that the will is always present.


Any person can develop his ability to contribute towards development if the will and the right tools are made available. It is therefore important to approach the process of development in small but clearly defined steps.

We emphasize the importance that a company acts accordingly with its values that lie in the basis of their organization.People in an organization continuously need to visualize and practice these values. Penica works in close harmony with its clients value setting and finds tools how to transform these into communication.It becomes more and more important that people make, dare and are aloud to make mistakes to find more ideas and suggestions that contribute to the development and therefore provide us with lessons and knowledge.

The entire workforce should understand the organizations’ values and targets in daily working environment and how they can contribute with their own unique personalities to realize these through being and communicating. It is always people who develop organizations and companies.


Some reasons that have led to positive results in co-operations with clients:

  • Highlight the connection between well-being, visualisation, awareness, willpower, action and progress in a conversation
  • Every individual is important, and we start from the participants current situation
  • We had employees who made more use of each others competencies, ideas, giving positive feedback and evolved from group- tod team-behaviour
  • Our starting point is to let people discover their indivdual strengths, highlight weakness if that could support to create strengths
  • We provide knowledge that leads to increased awareness how we influence our ways of thinking and how we can make a connection to our personal communication
  • Demonstrate the importance of how we use our language and ways of expression and how this influences who we are in contact with
  • Set clear milestones and work with these goals to achieve clear and visible results
  • In our programs we share tools that simplify the work delegation and planning which will create the best possible conditions to achieve the goals that were set
  • Humor and inspiration are important ingredients in our professional lives

We even need to view people in terms of their future potential and not limiting on their previous presentations

Alone you are strong, in a group you are unbeatable

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