Business-/ Leadershipcoaching

Current to desired situation

What is coaching?

We could for example say that:

-Coaching means to support others to succeed

-Help others and enable them to support themselves to succeed
and achieve the goals previously defined

-Ask questions, encourage to act, find common ground for action
and give feedback related to the desired target settings

T-GROW model

  • Topic Subject of discussion
  • Goal Formulation of a goal
  • Reality Current status
  • Options Alternative actions
  • Will / Way forward Option, will, way forward

The coaching process follows the ethics and the rules set by EMCC ( European Mentoring Coaching Council)

Some additional values coaching gives to both the company as the indivudual

Operations/work Coaching - Leadership Coaching - Business Coaching

  • A dialogue in which the practioner can aim to identify, underlign and clarify his role to himself and his environment. This will result in a sense of security and confidence
  • Through coaching ways will emerge towards goalsetting
  • Create clarity and structure. Added value through time and economical savings is often the outcome
  • Raising awareness, health, balance, stress reduction and inspiration
  • Identify the goals you wish to achieve as well as highlight the targets and based on these develop a plan of action
  • Discover the value of reflection on the current and desired status of affairs. Identify what elements contribute to further development and what currently stands in the way of that devolpment
  • Become aware of your strengths that can support positive development in a group environment and towards individuals.
  • Increased awareness about the tools individuals/groups have available and which tools and resources are necessary to a continued development
  • Within coaching we take the current situation as a starting point and work towards a desired future situation. This gives great power and inspiration which in many ways will result in a positive contribution
  • Creating synergy and creativity as a result of groupcoaching contributes to leverage profits

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