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Leadership Coaching, Operations/Functional Coaching and Business Coaching, individually or in groups

The interest and the need for coaching in combination with reflection increases.

PENICA Coachpool consists of certified Coaching Consultants. Every member of the PENICA Coachpool is certified in either ICF, EMCC-EQA or ICC. All of the PENICA consultancy group have a thorough knowledge and competencies in Business and Functional Coaching and Leadership Coaching.

In accordance with the coaching certifications we adhere to strict confidentiality within our coaching assignments. We always respect the rules and ethics outlined by the EMCC Code of Ethics/ European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

The PENICA Coachpool continuously develops through regular group member meetings and an open exchange of expertise, and regular participation in coaching specific trainings and courses. This practical exchange and theoretical course work combined result in through added value for our clients. We are a group of very curious and enthusiastic professionals who believe in and strive for continuous individual development.

We execute our assignments to your tailored wishes. We deliver our coaching in both Swedish and English, and with the current growth within the PENICA CoachPool we will certainly be able to deliver coaching in even more languages soon.

A summary how PENICA CoachPool works

Coaching primarily doesn’t give you advice, but throughout the coaching process we build upon the participants questions, answers, actions and insights. ‘Participants’ is the individual or group who we coach. It is the Participants who carry the ultimate responsibility for reaching the targets we defined before the start of the coaching.

The coach supervises, guides and supports the Participant and makes sure they remain the right focus throughout.

Amongst other things the coach has a responsibility to listen to the Participants, ask guiding questions and give inspiration which will lead to reaching the desired target and goal. We work with a set of different tools which can support Participants to find ways and clarification that will facilitate towards the desired situation and reach their targets.

Om det vid något skede vid coachsamtalet skulle uppstå låsningar då utövaren ej finner någon väg, aktivitet, idé eller uppslag för att arbeta mot sitt mål kan coachen ge förslag om coachen har uppslag samt om utövaren tillåter det. Coachen återgår därefter till sin coachroll igen.

We start every coaching process with an overview of what coaching really is about, what expectations the client has and based on that define and agree a way of co-operation. We map the individuals, the groups and the company’s current situation. The overall coaching will always be geared towards goals and targets that were defined by the individual or the group themselves. Together with the coach a plan of action will be drawn up in order to effectively track work, milestones and progress towards reaching the goal.

If, for whatever reason during the coaching work, obstructions should occur for which the participant finds now way, activity, idea or suggestion to further their work towards the coaching goals; the coach can make suggestions if the participant agrees to these. The coach will then resume and continue the coaching role.


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