Clarity and positve work attitude


Examples of several program points:

(all exercises are adapted towards the clients’ needs and wishes)


  • Work with clear and good internal communications to annouce change within the organisation
  • Active work towards creating positive work attitudes
  • Correct internal communication influences external communication with clients
  • ‘Small talk’ in a stressful working environment positively influences both attitude and effectiveness
  • Drop negativism - we comprehend message in different ways
  • Listen with the aim to first ‘understand’ and later ‘be understood’
  • Actively work towards the creation of synergies and to learn from each other at work
  • Right attitude, respect and good values
  • Handle complaints, irritation, objection without ending up in an unnecessary argument
  • Allow time to reflect and create awareness
  • Increased awareness about actions and reactions of yourself and others in a communication

The art to communicate

Anders Mårtensson



The art to communicate has become more and more important…

Edu-tainment is a form of lecturing that connects education and learning in an entertaining and inspiring way with Peter Höckert and Anders Mårtensson.

We use common events and meetings from everyday life with angles and tools to help in a personal meeting, and even adding humoristic perspectives.

  • Can you influence your meetings depending on the way you think?
  • To get a person to acknowledge what you say in a personal meeting
  • To be open to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Internal communication at work
  • To act loyal towards your company
  • Telephone savvy?
  • The art to handle negative conversations and situations
  • Empathy - a new and old paradigm

For many this will appear obvious. But we will need to refresh it.

Peter Höckert has worked within sales communication for more than 20 years and with ilots of inspiration and a high level to detail trained businesses and their employees in the communication of sales and ways to communicate in personal meetings.

Anders Mårtensson is one of the countries’ best imitators and comedians with famous types, voices, dialectsand cunning texts and ideas.

With Peter as lecturer and Anders as side-kick you will experience an exciting, giving and entertaining presentation about the interaction of humans.

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